marți, 29 octombrie 2013

Halloween "disguise".

  M-am "deghizat"  anul acesta mult mai devreme decat trebuia. Am facut aceste poze acum ceva vreme, insa nu am gasit momentul potrivit sa le public. Si uite numai bine ca e Halloween-ul si nu am nici un costum.. M-am gandit sa folosesc aceste poze sustinand ca m-am deghizat intr-o " printesa gotica". Din pacate anul acesta nu am bani, imaginatie, sau timp pentru o dechizare propice. Poate la anu!

Thank you Gabriela for the lovely makeup and hairstyle, and like always thanks  K .

I said "disguise" at  first because this photos were made long time before Halloween, and second because is not quite  a disguise. But I may say that this is a goth costume, only the make-up is a little more "quiet". I don't have, time, imagination, or money to create a proper Halloween costume this year, maybe next year.

Mottou-ul de azi : "Acting is like a Halloween mask that you put on."


duminică, 27 octombrie 2013

Romwomen Halloween costumes

Hi dears, I thought that because Halloween is near, you might wanna see some great costumes. At romwomen you might find some awesome outfits. If you want to be sexy but still but disguised check their site. You may find some thematic outfits, that you can also wear after Halloween. So visit romwomen for a great outfits.

                         Here are my favorite items:  

                            Skirts and dresses










marți, 22 octombrie 2013

I think is french!

Cand am vazut ochelarii de la Firmoo mi-a venit ideea unui outfit frantuzesc, nu stiu de ce dar nu m-am putut dezllipi de tinuta frazntuzeasca usor vintage. Poate mi-a iesit look-ul sau poate am dat-o in mai bat si trambitele...Dar ideea de baza nu este outfitul ci minunatii ochelari de soare, care sunt potriviti pentru orice tip de fata. Calitatea ochelarilor de la Firmoo m-a surprins intr-un mod placut. La ei pe pagina gasiti si ochelari de vedere sau rame. Merita sa aruncati o privire.

        Thank you very much K you are the best!





I tried to create an old french look. Don't know if it looks like one, but in my opinion has to be what I had in mind. I have something new, and these are my awesome sunglasses from Firmoo I love them. I create this outfit with them in mind. They are chic, good quality and fit for any face type. I'm more than pleased with the quality and how they look. You should visit Firmoo  because they have not only sunglasses but also  frames or eyeglasses.

Motto-ul de azi : “Don’t just stand there with your Eiffel Tower smile. Tell me you love me, and tell me in French.


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