marți, 29 iulie 2014

Oasap time!!!

I just love Oasap online shop. You wanna know why? They respect you as a person they keep their promises and also they have awesome and good quality clothes. This trendy shorts  and the lovely sweater are from them. I might say that they have cheap items for any budget. Give it a try! Also the shipping  is free for orders that are over 50$. What are you waiting for take a look at and find your favorite items.

                                     Shorts Oasap : HERE
                                     Sweater Oasap: HERE
                                     Bracelets Accessorize: HERE
                                     Sandals: Asos: HEERE

Motto-ul de azi: “Quality begins on the inside... then works its way out.”

duminică, 20 iulie 2014

Back in town but not for long!

Abia am ajuns acasa ca ma apuc iar de impachetat. Doamne nu m-as plange daca toata viata mea ar fi asa. ;)Ma intreb in prostia mea de ce viata nu este pe bune o permanenta vacanta. O vacanta nu in sensul proverbial, ci pe bune toata ziua sa cunosti, sa cercetezi sa bei cocktail-uri si sa visezi...Acum inapoi la realitate, nu pot zice decat ca voi incerca sa nu mai am preconceptii. Sunt mereu false si neintemeiate. Germania m-a fascinat oamenii m-au facut sa ma simt minunat. In urmatoare postare voi povestii mai multe.

                Geanta & Bratari : Accessorize
                Sandale: Asos

I just got back and I already prepare for another vacation. Damn I like this kind of life...Why life can't be for real a permanent trip? Not as we say that "Life is a journey", but a real vacation with no worries no negative thought only daydreaming and cocktails.. :) Back to reality now...I loved Germany and in my next post I'll tell you more about it. Anyways this trip made me see German people with other eyes and all my preconceptions from now on are gone.

 Today's motto :"“Belief gets in the way of learning.”

joi, 10 iulie 2014

Vacation time!

 3,2,1 start VACANTA!!! sunt o fata destul de matura (NOT) care atunci cand zice vacanta are in cap ideea de relaxare, somn si zacut. ;))) Nicidecum distractii, nopti nedormite sau alte nebunii. Plec in Germania si nu stiu de ce dar deja imi e dor de casa, desi sunt fericita si entuziasmata. Cu siguranta ma voi distra departe de casa, pentru o scurta perioasa asa ca nu vad de ce supra analizez aceasta vacanta. ;)) Voi unde va petreceti vacanta anul  asta, sau unde a-ti petrecut-o?

             Braul si gentutele sunt de la Tourmaline Boutique

           Minunatele coronite sunt de la Flowers In Your Hair 

               Papion de la Happy bow ties by Rodica Dumitru


                 Fotografiile sunt facute de KK Photography

                                   Bijuteriile GIO Studio

3,2,1 and let's party people. Kidding, unfortunately I'm a grown up women (bullshit) and when I say vacation, I mean that I'll relax, I'll read and enjoy visiting Germany and act like I'm not very happy for going there. On the other hand, I already have homesick, I realized that I'm not such a  wild beast as I thought I was. Well hopefully I'll pass through this phase and I'll enjoy the week I'll have there. How about your vacation plans? Where would you like to spend your vacation and where are you really spending it?

Motto-ul de azi: “Vacation, I go there in my mind. Especially when I’m at work, getting paid for it.


luni, 7 iulie 2014

Goodies from Sheinside!

Hello beautiful people, I was looking through  some online shops and I remembered how much I love Sheinside. I have discovered a way to cure my shopping addiction..I put things in my cart and after I just exit the site. I keep the feeling that all the things I love are in the cart, I feel like I have bought them all !:)))
Well this are some items that I wish to  but for this summer. Give it a  try, go to online shop Sheinside and see how your wish list looks. 

                                     WhiteContrast Sheer Mesh Yoke

                                ApricotElastic Waist Tribal Print Pockets
                             YellowVintage Geometric Print Loose
                                    WhiteFloral Pleated Skirt
                                 WhiteDesserts Print Pleated Skirt
                                  GreenGemstone Gold Chain Necklace
                                     GreenFloral Buckle Clutch Bag
 Hope you have fun like I have anytime I visit any online sites. Visit Sheinside and maybe something will fit with your taste. Have fun sweeties!

miercuri, 2 iulie 2014

How I spent my Saturday.

Last Saturday I had a lovely time, I have meet some nice and talented girls. I've got inspired, and went home with great plans regarding hand made items, unfortunately all the enthusiast and inspiration for handmade things was  gone when I arrived home..Funny, hah? The weekend was about knowing people, to be amazed by their talent, to steal some inspiration and have some chat. I'll let the pics talk for me.

The hat and the wreaths of flowers were made by "Flowers In Your Hair" awesome job, isn't it?

When i talk about fashion and creativity I want to say that bow are a super cute a accessory.  Behind the bow is " Happy bow ties by Rodica Dumitru " .

 Who is with all the touching chic decoration? This is another very creative girl from " Creativ Design by Kytty" .

Can you not love black feathers? Well and another chic artist has exposed her creations, GIO Studio .

 What would be a woman without jewelries? She feels naked when she doesn't wear any. You can see also "Bijoux By LD" work .

Tourmaline Boutique can be seen on any item that can be painted. These 2 awesome girls have painted some super cool shoes. Dunno how but I forgot mine home!:(

 Bianca from Atelier de creatie Biannchy had organized this lovely event, beside this her work can be seen in pics. Her lovely pants colored my day.

 I have to say, "Thanks!" to some people who visit us. They were a lovely company, even though
they didn't ask my advice regarding clothes, fashion or hand made. :)

The work of Klaudia from KK Photography can be seen in all this lovely pics. When you have a talent you stop worrying and start doing shots, because you have what is needed.

Motto-ul de azi :"Fashion is about dreaming and making other people dream."