marți, 29 aprilie 2014

Just don't give up!

Trec printr-o perioada nu tocmai roz..Incerc in felul meu sa fiu puternica si sa imi tin zambetul pe buze. Am momente in care clachez si vreau sa plang ore in sir si vreau sa spun lucrurilor pe nume sau sa fug...Dar apoi intorc capul si vad ca si daca fug durerea, ma va urma. Ma irita oamenii care nu inteleg de ce lupti si iti zic simplu : "este cazul sa renunti ca doar te chinui". Urasc oamenii care cred ca stiu prin ce trec si ma urasc pe mine in cele din urma ca imi pasa prea mult...Dar toate trec si in timp, perioada asta precum alte perioade, bune sau rele  va fi doar o amintire. Asa ca nu am sa renunt. Pur si simplu nu vreau!!! Lupt pentru ca imi pasa.

                  I'm wearing a lovely dress from Sheinside.

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I'm going through a rough time.. I'm trying on my own way to be tough and to keep going with  the positive vibe. It's true I have moments when I just can't play this game anymore. I want to cry, until I forget why I'm crying, I want to slap people with my heavy words, I want to run..But I realize that even if I run, the pain will follow me. I started to hate people that won't fight, and they judge you because you do that, you fight  even if you struggle a lot. I also hate people that assume what I'm going through and in the end I hate myself because I care too much. But all these will be forgotten in a few months like other good or bad things in life. I just don't give up! I fight because I care!

Motto-ul de azi : “Until one has loved an animal, a part of one's soul remains unawakened.”

joi, 24 aprilie 2014

Blooming days!

Blooming days where are you now?  
Well It look like these days I'm not very inspired. I'll let you enjoy the lovely pics. Thank you KK .  

Motto-ul de azi: “The flower that blooms in adversity is the rarest and most beautiful of all.”

joi, 17 aprilie 2014

Make good memories!

Amintirile  sunt un lucru neperisabil asa ca fi atent ce lasi in urma ta, la amintirile ce vrei sa te urmeze. Petrece timp cu familia si prietenii facand lucruri interesante! Daca memoria te lasa balta, cum face a  mea, fa poze sau scrie undeva amintirile care iti ridica moralul. De asemenea, amintiți-vă lucrurile bune sunt chiar după colț, o bauta buna sau o baie cu niște lumânări și sare de baie. Un râs bun la un stand up comedy show, hmmm ce zici de o masă bună ... sau cine știe ce face viața ta speciala. Sunt lucruri care la un moment dat au fost bune pentru mintea ta! Știu lucrurile materiale, stau o vreme cu noi și apoi dispar insa  pe de altă parte, amintirile nu pot fi vândute, luate, răpite sau demodate, ele sunt efectiv parte din noi si raman cu noi pana cand murim. Deci, creeaza momente memorabile cu sau fara bunuri materiale.

 Memories are all you take inevitably with you  in your life journey, so make them count! Make good memories with friends and  family. Do awesome  things! If you have a lazy  memory as mine, take maybe some photos, or write them down somewhere ,so you  can always remember tat life is pure joy. Also remember that good things are just around the corner, a  good hangout or a bath with some candles and  some bath salt. A good laugh with some stand up comedian, hmmm what about a good meal ...or who knows what makes your life special, are things that at some moment were good for your mind! I  know, that material thing, stay just a while with us and after that they vanish, on the other hand  memories can't be sold, taken, kidnap or outmoded are stick with you until you die. So make good memories with or without material goods.

Motto-ul de azi : “People leave strange little memories of themselves behind when they die.”

joi, 10 aprilie 2014

The way we see things!

Oglinda oglinjoara cine este cea mai  frumoasa dintre toate? In ultima vreme imi iubesc oglinda din baie, datorita luminii difuze ma face mereu sa arat impecabil. ;) Sincer ma intreb mereu cum poate o simpla lumina mai slaba sau mai intensa, sa  ne schimbe perspectiva. Mi-am format un obicei prost, acela de a ma holba in geamuri/vitrine pe strada  sa vad daca sunt ok si uite asa am surprins alte persoane care se uitau si ele in oglinda, la mine dar care parca zareau altceva decat mine. Ceva ce mie imi scapa. Mereu stau si ma gandesc ca totul e atat de relativ. Doi oamnei nu pot vedea la fel, desi in teorie se uita amandoi la alcelasi lucru. Interesant cum un om poate fi descris de ceilalti in moduri complet diferite.  Fiecare judeca/vede lucrurile in concordanta cu propria-i persoana.

Mirror on the wall, who's the prettiest of them all?! I'm in love with my bathroom mirror, it makes me smile. When I look in that mirror, a perfect face is smiling back. Because the light is not bright, I look different. I wonder how comes, that a brighter light change the perspective of who you are. I tend to look in the mirror on streets (bad habit) to see if I look OK. But  sometimes I catch others looking at me, like they see something that slips away from me. I realized, how different can we look true different eyes. How the same  person can be described  in so many different ways, because each one sees through himself, everyone sees through a different light. You can be ugly and beautiful in the same time. It all about the light, never about the mirror! :)

 Motto-ul de azi : "Life is a mirror and will reflect back to the thinker what he thinks into it"

Life is a mirror and will reflect back to the thinker what he thinks into it.

luni, 7 aprilie 2014

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joi, 3 aprilie 2014

Never ending battle!

In ultima perioada viata mea este efctiv un camp de lupta. Sunt satula sa supra analiz lucrurile, as vrea sa am puterea sa le iau asa cum sunt, fara doar si fara poate. Si totusi uite-ma aici din nou intrebandu-ma de ce acum si de ce nu maine. Sunt frustrata pentru ca nu pot face nimic uneori pentru ca viata iar imi trage o plama si imi arunca'n fata fragilitatea. Vreau sa fiu puternica si sa zic" asta este, merg mai departe". Insa singurul lucru care il gandesc este "de ce acum? mai am inca nevoie de timp". Sunt satula sa ma zbat sa : am un job mai bun, o viata mai imbelsugata, un mediu vesel, sa fiu remarcata.. Vreau sa pot lua lucrurile asa cum sunt, fara un "de ce". Nu mai vreau sa incerc sa ma sculptez sa incap in forma prestabilita, vreau ca restul sa fie format in jurul meu...

Life, or better said my life is like an never ending battle. I always try to figure things out, like why something happened or why it didn't happened.. I over think, and this has never brought me any goods. This days I'm more that sad, I'm angry on life. I'm frustrated because I can find an answer, at least one that could calm  down my thoughts . I want to have the power to be honest and say " that's it, be happy that was yours for a  while". Unfortunately I can say this, the only thing I can think of is why, why now...I need more time. I hate this struggle to try to fit somewhere, to be happy, to be in shape, never to be yourself.

  Motto-ul de azi : "If you stop struggling, than you stop life"

If you stop struggling, then you stop life.