sâmbătă, 6 aprilie 2013

Time flies ,and we notice too late!

    Vara,cate amintiri trezeste inca in mine!Imi aduc cu drag aminte de vremea copilariei, cand la inceputul verii copiii plecau la bunicii lor, la sat sau poate in oras...si cum cartierul ramanea pustiu, pana cand parintii mei au decis ca este vremea sa mergem si noi la bunici la sat.Frumoase timpuri, frumoasa ideea de a schimba aerul incarcat de oras cu aerul proaspat de tara si cu sobra educatie impusa de bunici.Adio mancat haotic, adio dulciuri si adio joaca toata ziua.Bun venit mancare la program, lectura, joaca, dulciuri cu portia si somn de dupa masa!Desi in majoritatea cazurilor statul la bunici era un deliciu si un rasfat la mine era educatie si deliciu.Pentru ca bunica mea era o bucatareasa desavrsita dar si o educatoare asemenea!
      Imi este dor sa am 3 luni libere, sa fac ce vreau sa nu am griji...si sa mai  am teme pentru inceputul de an scolar!3 luni....acum par o eternitate, atunci,erau mai putin de un ceas, pentru ca timpul zbura altfel si parea nevaloros si parca nesfarsit!Valroare timpului am inceput abia acum sa o pretuiesc si sa am grija in fiecare zi sa fac ceva mai mult dect in ziua precedenta..Timpul ,vara, copilaria , ce parfumuri dulci!

  Summer,ouuu sweetie.I remember the time when all the children from my neighborhood were going to stay with their grandparents,in town or in villages near the town,and me and my brother where almost the only children left on the streets...it was so boring.But my parents decided one day that we can go to our grandparents all summer,it was amazing,because my grandmother was a great chef and also she was teaching us a  lot of things.We eat a lot of healthy food and we breath a fresh  air.I miss having 3 months all for my self...now when i have a day off I'm in Heaven.Time flies different now, now I'm aware  of this,but back then I have not taken seriously anything,only my dolls.Time,summer,childhood ,so sweet perfumes! 

 I was wearing cheap & no name clothes..typical me. ;)

Motto-ul  de azi :
“For in every adult there dwells the child that was, and in every child there lies the adult that will be.”

Thanks Klaudia  for the lovely photos! In one photo you can see the sexy mommy  Smaranda

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    and btw,where did you et this cute dress?)i looove it))

    xoxo Christy

    1. Thanks!From my mom closet. ;)done i think,only that in the yahoo pic I'm blonde!

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    1. Thanks,and hope you enjoyed my blog! :)

  3. I am so in love with your dress!!!

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  6. Amazing dress! Love the shoes too!

    xx Karolina

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  8. You look incredibely pretty! And this dress is fabulous!
    I love your confidence and your photographs :)
    great job darling!


  9. I love your outfit, so summery! great blog!

    1. Thanks,and be sure that I would love to follow you back! :)

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  11. Wow, te invidiez atât pentru rochie cât şi pentru look. Ador aerul retro al fotografiilor.


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