joi, 28 noiembrie 2013

S.O.S romanticism is dying

Romantismul, un curent demult apus. Unde sunt gentilomii? Barbatii, uita sa mai deschida portiera masinii (uimitor iubitul meu inca o deschide), uita sa iti traga scaunul cand te asezi la masa sau cand iti e frig sa iti ofere geaca lor. Acum romantismuul este inlocuit de huliganism. Barbatii (tinerii in special) scupa pe strada, te fluiera daca esti putin sexy, iti fura taxi-ul de sub nas. Acum sunt rea si imi vars necazul pe toti barbatii si asta pentru ca am fost recent la o nunta si la o melodie blues am ramas singura la masa. Din multitudinea de barbatii nici macar unul nu s-a oferit sa ma invite la dans.  Sunt furioasa ca ne-am mixat prea rau si am uitat fiecare sa fim inainte de toate educati si reprezentantii sexului nostru.

  Thank Choies Street Fashion Sketch

Here you can find the skirt
Here you can find the hat 
Here you can find the Cardigan

Motto-ul :  “Those novels with old-fashioned heroes and heroines in them -- are ruinous!”

The romanticism is vanished! Were are all the gentleman's ?!When you go out, they forgot to open the cab door, or to help you with your coat, or maybe to take the chair and offer it to you...n'our days they spit on the street, they whistle when you are dressed sexy, they take your cab and then they
swear you. Some time ago I was to a wedding, and for real I felt embraced because not one of the guys ( my colleagues , or other guests ) invite me to dance a  blues. Like come on it was only a  dance, none of the girls was invited to dance. Man, these days aren't many  gentleman's left! But God blessed me, and my boyfriend does plenty of  "gentleman acts" : like opening the door cab for me, flowers all the time, sweet words...and some other cute things! I'm angry with  the "man of these days", because I still live in a very different world, but sometimes the cruel truth  hits my cheek as a whip, and stings worse.

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  1. You look beautiful in the pics, loved how they are clicked..
    Skirt is so nice
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  2. Imi plac la nebunie cardiganul si ghetutele!!! Si fusta iti vine foarte bine!♥

  3. great skirt :)

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  6. Wow your outfit and pictures are so so nice. Great blog !
    Lot of greetings,

  7. Tizule, se mai intampla ca la nunti unde invitatii ne cunoastem intre noi ca doamnele sa fie invitate la dans, insa cand sunt necunoscuti acest lucru tinde spre zero, din pacate. A dansa cu cineva e un fel de comunicare, de a socializa, nu neaparat o forma de flirt sau seductie.

    Super poze!

  8. dear great outfit! love the maxi cardigan
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  9. Hi dear ! :-)
    I love your outfit, great skirt and sneakers !
    Do you wanna follow each other ??
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  10. Hello honey! I'm loving this outfit and your blog!!

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  12. I so adore that cat ear bowler hat! It is so, so cute, I am tempted to get one like that for myself!
    And I adore that long cardigan- looks so cozy and chic! :)

    1. You should buy one.Are very cute and in trend these days;)

  13. Superba palarioara si pozele, toate!!!

  14. soo cute! Love the hat and skirt <3<3<3 gorgeous as always!

  15. Love the pics of you in the leaves! Great outfit! Love the skirt and shoes combo! xox

    Sweet Apple Lifestyle

  16. That cat ear bowler hat looks just adorable, and it's right what is matching your wonderful and original personality! I love to see such things on you) Pretty and cosy outfit,those photographs are also so professional and simply beautiful))

  17. Love your skirt.
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  18. Love your look and your blog is beautifull!!

  19. Love this Hat! Too cute!!!

    Love Kyra

  20. Dear Ella You're so pretty & cute on this post, adore all the pics! I agree with u men are so unpolite most of the time, it's a real stange time we live...My friend Stefanie wants to make a big post instead of one per week as we did before ! Stay in touch Have a great day M-C

    1. Aham now I understand...I so that you hadn't post for a while...:)

  21. ce draguuta e palariaaa si iti sta atat de bine!! esti o frumoasa
    te pup :*

  22. you are very pretty! your cap with ears just lovely!

  23. Hey dear ! great outfit <3 love this song !
    would you like to follow each other ? let me know :)


  24. Love that hat !!! So cute - I have to have it

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