luni, 5 mai 2014

Rust and dust..

Si gata, cica s-a mai pus capat unei suferinte...iar eu am ramas cu'n gol imens in stomac. Nu reusesc deloc sa inteleg cum reusim sa trecem peste pierderile sufletesti, defapt problema este ca eu nu pot sa depasesc astfel de momente. Rugina si praful se astern pe lucrurile ei...Castronul ei cu mancare, patutul ei, jucariile ei par nefolositoare acum. Nu stiu cum sa accept momentele astea cand trebuie sa fi tare si sa mergi mai departe. Mereu pierdem o bucatica din noi in astfel de situatii. Uneori ma intreb cata suferinta poate duce o simpla inima? As vrea sa nu imi mai pese asa tare, sa inteleg ca orice are viata are si moarte..Insa nu pot gandii decat ca imi lipseste rau. Imi lipseste respiratia ei de catel batran, imi lipseste sunetul labutelor ei pe parchet, imi lipseste sforaitul ei.. Sa speram ca timpul le vindeca pe toate...

She's gone now. And all I feel is an empty hole.I know that the suffering has ended for her, but still it hurts like hell for me. I wonder when and how we heal after we lose someone we love? Rust and dust is what she left me staring at, her bed, her food bowl, her toys..It's getting harder every time. I had lost so much in life, but when I lose an animal a piece of me is dieing. And I wonder how much I can take. I wish I could just STOP caring so much. I wish I could understand that everything that  lives has to die. But the only thing I can think now is that I already miss her so much. 15 years she was there for me, but now she's gone. I miss her stinky breath, I miss the sound of her paws on the floor, I miss her snoring. :) They say that time heals everything..I hope so!

Motto-ul de azi : “You know, sometimes the world seems like a pretty mean place. That's why animals are so soft and huggy.”


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  1. Sporty style that I like, especially the shoes!

  2. loosing a animal is nothing less than loosing a person .. i can completaly understand what you are saying , i lost my dog and i was o painful that I decided that i am not going to have a pet every , i cannot bear the loos when they are gone.
    about the pics , your pics always speak , they are fab too .. nice top
    Keep in touch

  3. I love this look! So casual and playful. You look amazing x

  4. So sad for you dear Ella, time will help you to go forward.
    Love to see your tatoo birds so wonderful, very nice pics as always M-C

  5. Cool look!

  6. este greu, nici nu vreau sa ma gandesc :(

  7. I know it's so hard to let go when you lose a pet hunny. I've gone through it too. My puppy had to be put down because he went blind and was too uncomfortable to live. But you can be at peace knowing that you loved your pet and your pet loved you and nothing in life or in death will change that. Stay strong.

    Meag xx

  8. you look very lovely, I love your orange cardigan!

  9. Super wyglądasz. Pozdrawiam

  10. Lovely and perfect! this is beyond beautiful!
    Kisses from Miami,

  11. Despartirea este grea, mai ales daca se numeste trecere in nefiinta. Te imbratisez!

  12. Love your photos :)) Amazing

    Check out my blog:) Follow me if you like it via GFC or Google circles and I will follow you back :))
    Instagram - hellodashi
    Have a nice day <3

  13. So very sorry to hear about the loss of your pet. Animals are so special and precious and it so sad to lose a loved one. My heart is with you

    You do look wonderful though, I really love that top. The back detail is so pretty



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