marți, 9 septembrie 2014

Getting to know each other!

In prietenie ca intr-un mariaj ajungi la o intelegere mutuala, la permisivitate si toleranta mai ridicate. Asta este frumusetea prieteniei uneori, alteori daca 2 personalitati puternice sunt puse in acelasi milkshake, e posibil sa nu fie tocmai cel mai reusit mix. Ador prieteniile colorate si cu personalitati diversificate, intrucat sunt genul de persoana care se muleaza. Daca grupului lipseste o persona vesele uite-ma, daca lipseste personajul morocanos, sunt prezenta..etc. Si uite asa m-am ales cu personalitati multiple (GLUMESC)ci doar cu mai multe grupuri de prieteni. Un exemplu de poli opusi, de milkshake reusit, suntem eu si Smaranda, prietena mea de mai bine de 7 ani. In prietenie pe langa capricii si nazuri e nevoie si de sutinere si sinceritate. Prieteni dragi va iubesc, dar mai cititi-mi blogul! Din prietenie daca nu din interes. ;)

I was wearing BB-up sandals, Atmosphere shirt, Accessorize bag, no name skirt and Atelier de creatie Biannchy earnings.

In friendship like in marriage we get to a mutual understanding to higher permissiveness and tolerance. This is the beauty of friendship, but sometimes if you mix too many strong personalities, you might get not such a great taste for your milkshake. I'm a big fan of colorful friendship,because I'm  the kind of person that fits no matter what. If the group lacks a cheerful persona, you've got me, if there isn't a grumpy character around, damn I would be thrilled to be that one. so on...This is why I have multiple personalities (kidding) but this is why I belong to a few groups. Me and my friend Smaranda are the perfect example of friends with totally opposite personalities for more than 7 years. Well friends I love you and all, but you could read my blog, I know you already know what is in my mind, but I do need  views. ;)

Today's quote : “The truth is, everyone is going to hurt you. You just got to find the ones worth suffering for.”

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  1. wow , what a perspective of friendship
    i loved your outfit, looks so fresh
    nice earrings
    keep in touch

  2. Looking lovely my dear, this outfit is really pretty and so are you two! Kisses

  3. Ce poze frumoase!! Cerceii sunt superbi, de mare efect... am si eu o pereche de la ea, urmeaza sa apara pe blog, pupici!!

  4. Very cool photos! Loved your blog!

    Check out my blog:

  5. Gorgeous hair :))

    You have give away on my blog:

  6. Pictures are so adorable!


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