duminică, 11 ianuarie 2015

Tough, so damn tough!

Greu, al naibi de greu este sa fi bun in zilele noaste! Nu pot sa inteleg de ce e stanjenitor sa spui vorbe frumoase oamenilor si atat de usor sa arunci cu cuvinte grele in stanga si in dreapta. Iti mai aduci aminte cand ai zis unei rude sau unui prieten"Te iubesc"? Am realizat ca bunicului meu, nu i-am zis niciodata "te iubesc". Dar cand vine vorba sa arunc cu cuvinte grele " Bai boule" sau  "prostule" nu imi e deloc greu. Uneori ma simt prost sa zic "te iubesc" din "n" motive, oamenii se uita ciudat cand zic asta, rad isteric sau unii imi simt zic "si eu" dar mecanic, din obligatie...  Oamenii sunt prea obisnuiti cu cruzimea si rautatea, ei nu stiu sa aprecieze bunatatea. Atunci cand faci o fapta buna, trece neobservata, dar sa nu dea sfantul sa zici de rau, ca atunci toti or sa zica: " asa sunt oamenii, rai". Nu suntem rai, fratilor, devenim rai. Nu ne nastem rai.. societatea ne inraieste. Ne este frica sa fim expusi, ne este frica de suferinta si uneori rusine sa spunem ca iubim!

I was wearing Oasap dress, Oasap necklace, Oasap cardigan, H&M hat, BBUP boots.

Tough, so damn tough to be kind! Why is so difficult to say kind words to people and so damn easy to just spit something mean? Do you remember when you said last time "I love you!" to your aunt or cousin or to a  relative ? I just realized that I have never said "I love you" to my grandfather, never.. But when comes to say I "hate you", or "you stupid" it comes so natural. Sometimes I felt ashamed to say to a relative or a close friend "I love you", because they would look weird at me, or they would laugh or the worst scenario they would say "me too", just to make this awkward moment pass. People are not used to kindness, don't know how to act, meanwhile when you're  rude, every one says: "well this is how people are". We aren't rude or mean, we became like this , because people are afraid to reveal their feelings or the fact that they have a soul, which can be harm.

Today's quote: "I always think that I've embarrassed myself. Do not be embarrassed by your failures, learn from them and start again."

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  1. rochia e superba mai ales culoarea :)

  2. Hi dear! You have amazing blog and I love this outfit, especially dress and necklace:)
    Kisses from Croatia :*

    P.S. visit my blog, I just started writing it, and , as you know, new readers are always welcome :)
    Would You like to follow eachother on GFC ? That way we could stay in touch :)
    Let me know on my blog so I can follow back.


  3. Ce mult imi place pastelul purtat iarna. Ador combinatia sporty-chic!

  4. I agree with you, it's weird that it's so hard to say "I love you" to beloved person,but to easy to hurt this person. What about your outfit, I love your mint dress, it's beautiful :)


  5. Hi Ella!
    Lovely look. You are so cute :D

    Maki & Vana

  6. Lovely look! Imi place foarte mult rochita si ca ai asortat-o in stilul sporty-chic, iar caciulita iti sta minunat! Pupici


  7. looking perfect as always
    really liked the combo of mint and tribal print
    Keep in touch

  8. Great pictures!

    Maki & Vana

  9. Aqua blue color look so pretty on you! You styled this outfit perfectly- the necklace adds a great finishin touch!


  10. excellent look ! Very cute :) ♥


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