marți, 25 aprilie 2017

Zaful shop

 Shopping, is there something more delightful than this? Beside chocolate of course:) Since i'm a big fan, of having cheap good quality clothes, I've ordered from Zaful.
I hate going to malls, since everyone goes there and it's crowded.. This is why I've become a  big fan of online shopping. Zaful has lovely clothes and the price it's ok, plus you might get coupons, or even better, if you upload a picture if the item, you get point, which are $ that you might use on the next order.  You should check the spring 2017 collection. Maybe you will find the mesmerizing white see through dresses for the parties on the beach.
P.s have I told you that Zaful offers discounts up to 70 % OFF? If you buy anything from Zaful site use this coupon code, you'll have a surprise discount "ZafulVilian".

Here is my wish list, for my next order. I can't wait to receive the current one, the pressure of waiting...   :)) You get me, don't you?

Split High Low Military Shirt Dress With Pocket - Green

Denim Shirt Collar Long Sleeve Embroidery Jacket - Light Blue

Nylon Embroidered Backpack - Black

Cotton And Linen Smock Dress - White

Off Shoulder Floral Stripe Shirt Dress - Light Blue

Funny Cactus Shaped Crossbody Bag - Green

Happy shopping on Zaful dear followers, hope you'll find what you're looking for, as I did. :) 

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