marți, 5 august 2014

Black and white.

Dots, pearls, some white some black and the magic is back. Well this outfit was made in a hurry. I didn't think too much. I just grabbed some items that seemed to match, and voila. At least the colors are a combination that never fails. In the end is a  comfortable outfit just good for a date with a friend that has some interesting gossips. We had some good chatting like always. You can chit chat with you friend and visit Oasap online shop and spend some money like girls do. ;)))

T-shirt Oasap: Here 
 Necklace Oasap: Here
Skirt Stradivarius: Here

Motto-ul de azi:"There is no black-and-white situation. It's all part of life. Highs, lows, middles."

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  1. Ce simpatice sunt pozele! Radiezi de fericire în ele! ;))
    E frumos și modul în care ți-ai prins părul, am încercat și eu să fac ceva asemănător și da ... nu mi-a ieșit. :))

  2. Asta a fost buna: "a friend who had some interesting gossip"! :)) Nu ne spui si noua despre ce era vorba?

  3. Să știi că mie mi se întâmplă de multe ori ca ținutele create în grabă să fie printre cele mai reușite! :)) Îmi place mult și ținuta! Și părul! Nu mi l-am mai făcut demult așa, chiar mă gândeam zilele trecute să îl fac, dar am uitat. :)))

  4. Can you be any more stylish? Impossible! Incredible outfit. I just love it.
    Enjoy your day!

    isa |

  5. Your hairstyle is really cute *_* totally fallen in love with this outfit!


  6. Beautiful girl,I love your style totally
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  7. loved the shirt :)

  8. Great post :)
    I nominated you for the Beautiful Blog Award!
    More on my post:



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