miercuri, 12 noiembrie 2014

Life happens

Acum doua saptamani am fost la Festivalul de film francez si am vazut un film fain despre viata lui Yves Saint Laurent. Am citit despre viata lui Coco Chanel. Am vazut multe filme biografice si dupa toate am ajuns la concluzia clara, ca viata se consuma repede si de multe ori remarcam asta prea tarziu. Am remarcat cateva asemanari intre aceste vieti; nu conteaza cati bani au avut, nu au fost fericiti, a iubi si a fi iubit sunt pietrele de fundament ale vietii, fara ambitie talentul e irosit. Cred ca acesti oameni au avut aproape tot si nu au fost mai fericiti ca mine. Oamenii uita sa se bucure de lucrurile marunte, atunci cand au bunuri materiale. Laurent a avut o fraza care mi-a placut teribil "I love him, but you are the man of my life". Cu aceasta afirmatie mi-am dat seama cat suntem de suciti si nebuni.

I was wearing Miniprix dress/blouse,  Sheinside necklace, Miniprix shoes, Bershka belt, and Yessica blazer

 Life happens and some of us realize that too late.Two weeks ago we had the French Film Festival, and I saw a movie about Yves Saint Laurent's life, an impressing movie. I read the book about Coco Channel's life. I've seen many movies about celebrities lifes. I've notice a few thing that they have in common: no matter how much money they had, they weren't happy, loving and being loved are one of the most desired things, if we don't have ambition, our talent is wasted. Anyways these people in my opinion had almost everything, but still they were unhappy or alone. I rather prefer to be normal, than famous but unhappy. People forget to feel the joy when comes to small things when they have it all. Laurent said something really interesting: "I love him, but you are the man of my life". This statement made me see how twisted and insane we are.

Today's quote: Everything we hear is an opinion, not a fact. Everything we see is a perspective, not the truth.

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  1. You look gorgeous girl. I love you pictures. So chic!
    last but not least the quote is so true!
    Have a lovely day


  2. thats so true, being happy is the uttmost goal
    my my always say , the one at the top is always alone as there is only place for 1 person there
    u look super pretty and girly in todays post
    have you change your hair color !
    Keep in touch

  3. Such a beautiful look! I love that dress, looks super chic <3

    Kisses, Kali
    | Kali's inspiration board |

  4. Ce frumoasa esti! Foarte dragut outfitul, imi plac mult rochita si cardiganul si cred ca e prima data cand te vad cu stilettos si esti WOW. <3 Super postarea! te pup


  5. Cozy chic <3 Beautiful draping! Great use of neutral colors!

    - Anna


  6. Ce-mi place cardiganul! Si ce bine iti sta cu lungimea asta a parului!♥

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  8. everyone wants to be loved, but sometimes we make our lives more complicated than we should....

    You look magificent!

    such a unique dress<3


  9. fantastic look!
    pls join my oasap giveaway :) win coat!


  10. Great look!


  11. Big like my dear!!!
    Ador combinatiile de genul, chiar am purtat si eu ceva similar, te pup!

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